Clinic Services

The most common reasons babies are referred to Betterbreastfeeding:

  • Poor weight gain in a breastfed baby
  • Milk supply concerns
  • Maternal nipple or breast pain
  • Difficulties with latch
  • Fussy breastfed babies
  • Weaning from the breast
  • Concerns about tongue ties & feeding

Virtual Visits

Does a virtual visit work for you?  

Virtual visits are completed by video. We can observe a feed, offer suggestions, answer questions and provide advice. These visits are best suited for babies who do not require a physical examination or weight check at their appointment. 

Virtual visits continue to be covered by OHIP. Most prenatal appointments and follow up appointments can be done virtually and some initial consultations are also suited to virtual care.  

In-Person Visits

Betterbreastfeeding is affiliated with Kindercare Pediatrics, located in midtown Toronto. These comprehensive consultations are best for babies who require a physical examination or weight check or when a new mother anticipates that she will require more hands on help. In person visits are also covered by OHIP.

491 Eglinton Avenue West Suite 301 Toronto ON M5N 1A8
Fax: 416-848-7664

How to book your initial consultation?  

  1. Have your baby’s health care provider forward a referral.
    Note: referrals should be addressed to Dr. Roth or Betterbreastfeeding.
  1. Once we have received the referral, we will be in contact with you to book your appointment. Please let us know if you would like a virtual or in person appointment. We can help you decide which appointment format might be better suited to your individual needs.